Uber - Everyone's Private Driver

The first time I took an "Uber" car, I was in Chicago. I thought it was exclusive to Chicago and boy do I wish I didn't know that it wasn't! Not because it's a bad service, but because this is the only way I now want to travel around the city! Ugh, #divaproblems. 

Anyway, jokes aside, let me share with you all how amazing Uber is (if you don't already know.) 

Uber is a brilliant car service that sends a town car to you at the tap of a finger. The app is super easy and user friendly. Once you tap where your pick up location is, you are instantly notified of who is coming to get you and approximately how far they are. 

There are many great things about Uber:
1. You get picked up in a town car.
2. It's not that expensive compared to overpriced Boston taxis.
3. Everything is already paid for.
4. You don't have to worry about tipping (it's already taken into account).
5. The drivers are always so nice.
6. You feel like a superstar.
7. You don't get called a "SEE YOU NEXT TUESDAY" for wanting to pay with a credit card - yes, this actually happened with a Boston taxi cab driver. 
8. The seats have butt warmers.

I am hooked on Uber. Especially on those late, freezing winter nights in the city and I can't find a cab for the life of me. 

If you haven't tried Uber yet, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend! It's the easiest and most fabulous way to get around! xoxo... 

PS. Speaking of car services, Zip Car (another brilliant city-living idea) just got bought by AVIS for $500 million dollars! CHA-CHING!


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