Maggiano's Little Italy, Back Bay

This year, I spent New Years Eve with two great friends at Maggiano's Little Italy for dinner and drinks. 

I've never claimed to be a non-picky eater so don't judge me when I say I don't particularly like Italian food. Something about it just doesn't work for me. In any case, I wanted to keep an open mind and try something new for the new year. 

After browsing through the menu options over and over again, I finally chose a crap&shrimp crepe sort of thing. Seemed enticing at the time. So the food came out and it was basically baby pieces of crab and shrimp doused in cream and Alfredo sauce - yikes! Not my style. Not to mention it was a HUGE plate! (Family style portions) I tried to eat it as much as I could but it was a little too much. Felt like a complete glutton. (FYI...I got VERY sick from the food - ugh.) 

Aside from the food though, the place itself is super cute. Very traditional Italian feel. Service was meh. Overall, I had a great time because I was with lovely company, but will I ever eat here again? Probably not... 

Theme song: L'Italiano by Toto Cotugno


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