A Tribute to Love

I'll be honest, I've become very cynical in the past two years concerning love and marriage. After witnessing a demise in marriage & love in my own family as well as witnessing other relationships around me, I had decided that love was a myth. However, I've changed my mind...

This past weekend, my eldest sister married her beau of several years. Their union was the most beautiful, genuine, love-filled wedding I have ever been to in my life - and trust you me, I have been to way too many weddings. (Ask my bank account ;) I admired how the wedding was about them as opposed to their guests - as weddings normally are.

I hope I am as lucky as my sister and her husband in finding a soulmate. Here are a few pictures from the joyous occasion. I am proud to say that the woman in the photos is my sister. She is a princess! Best wishes to the cutest couple. Welcome to our family Ayo!

Theme Song: Can You Feel The Love Tonight... from Lion King <3


  1. wonderful beautiful wedding! i was so happy to be a part of it to witness it! nice post girl!


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