A Painful Parting from Presto's...Cleveland Circle

Yesterday was an exceptionally sad day for myself and the many loyal customers of Presto's in Cleveland Circle. On Monday June 11, 2012, Presto's - a family owned pizza joint with so much charm and wit - suddenly shut its doors forever, breaking the hearts of residents in Brighton.

Presto's holds a very special place in my heart for multiple reasons. The first one is bad but I guess good ... I broke my years of Pescatarianism with their psychedelic chicken wings that still make my mouth water when I think of them. The second, I got my first movie role through someone I met at Presto's. Third, I became friendly with the guys who worked there. And last, it's just the best place ever.

I just had dinner there on Sunday night and didn't sense an inkling of it shutting down. It may sound stupid, but I feel like crying. Those who live in the neighborhood definitely share the sentiment. In an age where franchises and streamlined restaurants dominate the dining scene, Presto's was a breath of fresh air with its personable touch, old-school demeanor, and of course, fried dough. LOL

It is truly a loss in the community and Presto's can never be replaced. I wish those hardworking men who slaved hours in Presto's for the past 20something years, find something that can provide them with the same kind of satisfaction that Presto's did. A special shout out to Coach, Pedro, Jose, and yes, even the creepy Russian delivery guy. You guys will be missed dearly in the circle... :(


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