Abeo Med Spa, Shipyard

Abeo Medspa is the newest addition to the historical Shipyard neighborhood in Hingham.

Abeo offers a number of services and products that leaves every client that walks through its doors rejuvenated and beautiful. Services include medical grade facials, microdermabrasions, laser hair removal, Botox & fillers etc. They also carry really high end facial care to maintain baby bum type of skin.

I love Abeo Medspa because everyone who works there is so professional, polite, and pleasant. The gentle aestheticians make even the most uncomfortable procedures seem seamless. Not to mention, your confidence is instantly boosted with how knowledgeable they are. (Trust me, I have been to med spas where the aestheticians seem like they are treating a client for the first time - SCARY!)

The ambience of Abeo maintains utmost serenity and relaxation. ( A perfect place to
go after a hectic week at work!) I had such a positive first-visit experience here. It's too bad I don't live closer otherwise I would probably be a regular. Gotta take my Zipcar and go again! If you live or work near Hingham, DEFINITELY check this place out! Even if you don't, still worth checking out. You will not regret it!

PS... Take advantage of their current promotions and... tell them I sent you! ;)


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