29 Newbury

Yesterday afternoon, I went to 29 Newbury to catch up with an old friend. We were looking for a casual little spot where we could get coffee and perhaps dessert. 29 Newbury seemed ideal.

When we told the hostess we were there to to have coffee and dessert she replied by saying in order to sit down we had to at least order something significant or at least a drink. I found that quite odd but whatever I let it go - I needed a drink anyway.

I had a red wine sangria which turned out to be DELICIOUS there! Definitely a reason to come back in the summer time when the front patio is open. We also got caramelized bananas topped on vanilla bean ice cream and boy oh boy was it heaven in your mouth!

Delectable menu items, OK + pretentious atmosphere (just like almost every restaurant on Newbury St), rude hostess = nothing special about 29 Newbury. I'll probably swing by for sangria on a warm, summer Saturday.


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