1st Solo Movie-Going Experience

I did something tonight I should have done a long time ago...

I'm unsure if it's the time of year (aka human hibernation season), the aging process, being in recovery mode or perhaps a combination of all these factors that motivate me to solely dress in comfy clothes and watch movies. After having slept pretty much through the ENTIRE day, I decided I wanted to go to the movies tonight... alone. 

It took all of 2 minutes to get dressed. I busted out the most "soccer mom" outfit I own, got my hot pink Nike sneakers on, no make-up, messy bun, and extra large sunglasses (partially due to the fact that I'm light sensitive; the other being that I'm a diva) I walked to the movies to get blood flowing through my lazy legs. The streets were empty and quiet; it was just me and the flurries. 

Being that the theater's in Fenway, I had many options for dinner. Burger King? Tasty Burger? Panera? Chipotle? Negative. I stepped out of my comfort zone and got Texan cuisine at Sweet Cheeks BBQ. Oh yeah baby, this is the height of spontaneity for me! LOL I grabbed a seat at the bar, sipped a Pinot Grigio out of a mason jar, and indulged in a baby rib with a cup of mac & cheese (ultimate comfort food!) For dessert, I got a kiddie cup of coffee ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and was en route to my first solo movie-going experience. 

The theater was empty so I sat wherever my heart desired. For 2.5 hours, I watched PK - a Bollywood film - with my legs stretched out, popcorn to myself, without anyone asking me questions about the plot. What a peaceful, pleasant, and liberating experience! 

Had you asked me a year ago, I would've told you that the idea of going to the movies by yourself was sad. I knew people did it and it wasn't totally uncommon, but something about it seemed depressing. Tonight, I chuckle and admit to myself that this was probably the best date I've had in a long time. 

It might sound weird, but I thoroughly enjoyed my own company tonight; sometimes you just need your alone time even if it's in public. I guess the larger lesson learned was that life becomes a lot less stressful and simpler the minute you stop giving a shit about what other people think and societal conditions and expectations. Do things you want to do on your terms. That's going to be my new thing. 

Happy New Year! xx  


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