Barcelona Wine Bar, Washington Square

Barcelona is the best thing that could have happened to Brookline. Barcelona is Brookline's Sonsie multiplied by 1,000! 

I have been walking past Barcelona to and from work for several months now and wondered how this place had no signage but maintained to attract people every night of the week! There is no other place in Brookline that is that busy Sunday through Saturday. It's amazing and it's perfect :)

On Sunday night, I finally got around to going to Barcelona. The vibes, the music, the people - everything was so upbeat! Food was fantastic. Service was phenomenal (especially Raffy!)

Barcelona is grandiose. Barcelona is quality. Barcelona is sexy. It's a GREAT date place. Won't be shocked if I become a regular here ;) I'll definitely have to take one of the cooking classes they offer. Check it out people. XOXO

Theme Song: Domingo by Gotan Project


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