LASIK Surgery @ Boston Laser

Soooo ... I had LASIK surgery yesterday! I have been wearing glasses since middle school and though my prescription wasn't awful - it was annoying enough for me to want LASIK. 

I documented my entire experience so you all could see how easy and wonderful it is - I was dancing seconds after my surgery was over! ;) Less than 24 hours later, I am seeing better than 20/20!

What an amazing feeling. 

I'm not blogging about Boston Laser because this is my place of employment but because I truly believe we change people's lives (like my own) on a daily basis!

Check it out! PS... I don't normally slur when I talk, I just took Valium for the 1st time LOL. Ciao bellas! 


  1. After having LASIK surgery, most patients enjoy a clear, natural vision. This procedure allows them to enjoy a more fulfilling active lifestyle and pursue activities that were limited by wearing glasses or contacts. Additionally, undergoing LASIK, eliminates the expense of continually purchasing glasses, contacts or solutions required to see clearly.


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