Christopher Huang Photography, BOSTON

They say that if you're involved in the entertainment industry, you should be updating your portfolio every 6 months or so. The last time I took any pictures was over a year and a half ago. With my first movie releasing in less than 5 months from now, I figured I gotta update my pictures. I wanted to make sure to hire the best of the best in Boston therefore I called an old acquaintance - Christopher Huang. 

For those of you who are not aware, Christopher Huang is an acclaimed photographer in Boston who beautifully photographs for fashion spreads, advertising/marketing purposes, events, editorials etc. He has a unique approach toward photography and he is a magician when it comes to working with his camera. 

Take a look at some photographs from my latest photo shoot with Christopher Huang. Visit his website at and like his Facebook page - "Christopher Huang Photography". Thanks Chris for giving me such great pictures and making me feel comfortable :)

A special thanks to Aldo Velaj - owner of Vlora Mediterranean Restaurant - for letting me use his BEAUTIFUL restaurant; Beacage Salon & Spa for making my hair faboosh; & Beverly Langston of Chanel for doing my make-up! XOXO ciao. 


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