Aquitaine French Bistro, Legacy Place

First things first, Legacy Place in Dedham is AMAZING! Legacy Place is a new shopping complex filled with tons of great eats and stores. If I were in high school living in Dedham or a neighboring town, this would be my hangout spot LOL. 

Last week, I went to dinner at Aquitaine @ Legacy Place. Aquitaine is a fancy franchise boasting of a French-esque menu and ambiance. If I had to sum up my dining experience in two words, it would be completely gratifying

The decor of the fast-paced bistro is nice. The music is fantastic (mostly Hotel Costes tracks). The service is impeccable. The food is mouth-watering. And the location is unbeatable. 

We sat outside on the patio while we sipped our soothing French wine and picked at sizzling seafood. It was such a pleasant experience which is shocking considering franchises usually tend to lose their focus on customer service. 

I highly recommend Aquitaine. Aquitaine excelled in all dining critiquing categories!

Theme Song: Summer in Paris 


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