Vlora, Boylston Street

Yesterday, I went to Vlora on Boylston Street for brunch with my cousin. Vlora's menu consists of Mediterranean dishes. This was my second time here, and I maintain the same opinion as my first time - a truly underrated restaurant.

Not only is the brunch menu fantastic, but the decor of the restaurant is impeccable! The 2 times I have eaten here has been during the day with the sun shining through the sunroof. I would love to come here for dinner on a summer night with stars in the sky. LOL sounds too cheesy but for real... hint hint.

I ordered spicy shrimp with couscous and mushrooms - boy oh boy was it so good. Yum! The menu wasn't incredibly expensive considering the location and how nice the place is. I highly recommend this restaurant for all meals of the day or a place to host a party.


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