Publick House, Washington Square

Tuesday evening, I went out for some eats and drinks @ Publick House on Beacon St in Washington Square.

Let me preface this post by reiterating that I am NOT a pub kind of gal nor do I enjoy beer. That being said, I went into Publick House expecting to have a lame time - I know, not the best attitude to have. Anyway, it was everything I expected it to be except, the place was completely PACKED! Who knew Brookline residents actually come out for weekday fun?

I enjoyed my grilled chicken dinner while I hydrated myself with white wine. My alcoholic beverage options were limited as naturally, most of the drink menu included beer.

Generally speaking, it was not as horrible of a time as I had expected it to be. I was as always, in good company, and the food was quite appetizing. I would never waste a Friday or Saturday night here but it was pretty entertaining for a Tuesday. Not much more to comment on the place. I guess if you like European-style pubs and whatnot, this is the place for you!


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