Pigmenta, Greater Boston Area

I had a very interesting evening. Tonight, I went to 231 Newbury Street where Julia Bowers, owner and founder of Pigmenta Permanent Cosmetics, performs her talent.

I have to say that I am truly inspired by what she does. Julia creates natural-looking tattoos for medical purposes - such as for those who are undergoing chemotherapy. She is a devoted artist to her craft and as cheesy as it sounds, a miracle worker.

In a matter of minutes, I watched as Bowers made a woman who initially felt incomplete without her eyebrow hairs transform into a woman who felt more beautiful than she ever has! It almost brought tears to my eyes to see the abundance of joy that Julia's work had brought to this particular patient.

If you are interested in permanent tattoos for eyebrows, eyeliner, lipliner, tattoo removal, etc, I HIGHLY recommend Miss Bowers. It is a quick, safe, and life-changing procedure that requires no downtime or pain. Visit www.pigmentausa.com. Ciao Bellas!


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