On an aside...

Ahh... what a lovely Sunday I just had. I started my day having brunch with friends, had a killer workout + nap and ended with a scrumptious dinner and a movie.

DINNER: I am really trying to take this weight-loss, weight watchers thing seriously. So tonight for dinner I made a delicious AND healthy meal. I cooked chicken forthe first time in my life. Grilled chicken with herb-flavored couscous topped with sauteed portobello mushrooms, red & yellow peppers, onions and a side of house salad with balsamic dressing. Oh, and of course a glass of wine to wash it all down. Boy oh boy did I surprise myself. It was sooooooo good, filling, and healthy!

MOVIE: I watched The Town. I know, this movie came out so long ago but I just got around to watching it now. It is always so exciting watching movies that are filmed in the city you live in. I remember this movie being filmed my sophomore year of college. First of all, Ben Affleck is so foxy. His body, the accent, the bad ass demeanor, everything just makes me hope that a Bostonian townie will soon sweep me off of my feet. Also, I had NO IDEA that Boston was the "bank robbery capital of America" YIKES!

Anyway, I am off to snoozing land. Buenos noches. xoxo


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