Boloco, Greater Boston Area

Oftentimes, businesses have fishbowls for customers to leave their business cards so they win something grand. I always used to think they were bs BUT, I won TEN FREE BURRITOS (~$70 value) from Boloco this past week because my business card was selected from the bowl. How cool is that? I never win anything so I was wicked excited!

I am not a burrito kind of gal at all, but I have to say, that their selection of food is delicious. All the vegetables used are organic and fresh. Everything is pretty much healthy except for the giant cookies. I think this is a great little thing they have put together because I have talked about them on my blog (hehe) AND I kind of enjoy burritos now.

Bolocos are located all over the city. Boloco stands for Boston Local Company. Another interesting fact is that all of the beautiful neon colored painting you see in Boloco are by renowned Bostonian artist, Sean Boyce. I went to one of his art shows last Fall at his studio on Newbury Street. Truly beautiful and expensive work, but that'sbesides the point. Anyway, if you like burritos, eat @ Boloco and drop your business card in the fishbowl!(Sean Boyce painting)


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