Trident Booksellers & Cafe, Newbury Street

How has it taken me 5 YEARS to check out Trident considering I'm always on Newbury Street like it's my job?

Trident Booksellers & Cafe is a one of a kind in Beantown.  It's a happening cafe amidst a book shop located at the beginning of Newbury Street if coming from Mass. Ave. It incorporates a unique theme of eating while reading. You walk in and instantly feel the energy of studious bookworms eager to eat their spinach omelets while memorizing the human anatomy. You can't help but get immersed into the intellectual environment. But I guess that's the whole idea... so you buy books too. 

Though the menu at the cafe offers standard American diner items, it's pretty delicious (such as the brie omelet...YUM!) Breakfast foods are options all day which is a HUGE plus! Seating arrangements are designed so that you can enjoy your grub while getting your biz done. The rustic, run-down atmosphere works for Trident as it makes you feel like you're in a library and but not a complete nerd! Hehe. 

I liked Trident so much that I came here twice in one week. I highly recommend this place if you are looking to get some work done but don't require dead-silence. Trident is an animated, engaging place where one can expect pleasure as well as productivity. Cheers! :D


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