BrasserieJO, Back Bay (Colonnade Hotel)

Prime location - CHECK!
Critically-acclaimed chef - CHECK!
Valet parking - CHECK!
Colossal space - CHECK!
Outstanding wine collection - CHECK!
1st French restaurant in Boston - CHECK!

Given these amazing qualities that should equate to fabulous dining, I had the most DUD of an experience at BrasserieJO. 

Let me begin with the food. Not only was the bread cold, but it was so stale my teeth almost chipped. The food was oily from beginning until end. The escargot were completely tasteless. The entrecote was more of a roast beef than an actual entrecote (yet BrasserieJO boasts of being so authentically French - ya right!)

In my opinion, the atmosphere was anything but French. It was empty, quiet & music-less, and diner-like more than anything else. A French bistro wannabe is what it is! Considering it was a Friday night and such a happening location, I was shocked to see how empty the restaurant was. 

I imagine though, that the people who were there besides myself and friends, were tourists or first-timers who don't know what's good for them. The only thing this restaurant has going for itself is its catchy name and location in a classic Bostonian hotel. 

According to some reliable sources, the quality of food at BrasserieJO has significantly decreased. Decision makers at BrasserieJO, if you are listening, for your sake, please place more effort toward improving your food rather than folding your napkins oh so perfectly. You may have a chance of gaining your prestige and reputation. Sorry to say, but this was so disappointing... ciao. 


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