Figs, Beacon Hill

Pour le dejeuner on the 4th of July,  I dined with one of my girlfriends at Figs, located on the historic and beautiful Charles Street in Beacon Hill. Figs is a Todd English restaurant. If that means nothing to you...let me explain. 

Todd English is a celebrity chef and entrepreneur. One of his most applauded achievements is Olives - a famous restaurant located in Charlestown. He is nationally recognized for his unique culinary vision, TV show on PBS, and being the master chef for Delta Airlines.

In any case, Figs is a very intimate, cozy restaurant. I can honestly tell you that I've never been to a smaller restaurant. It has a very old world feeling to it. Despite its space limitations, Figs manages to leave a solid first impression. 

The food is wonderful (we picked at apple & walnut salads). Next time, I am totally devouring the zucchini pizza! Drinks are delicious. Prices are extremely reasonable. Ambiance is vibrant. It was a lovely experience. I have a very, very small complaint and that is that the service was slow BUT I realize, it was the 4th of July and people were hungry! (I won't take any points away for that ;)

You must try Figs not just for its food but for the location and lively atmosphere. Au revoir! xoxo


  1. Hey Sumaira! I will DEFINITELY go to Figs. But... Do they SERVE figs or is it just a name? (Figs to me r gross lol)

  2. Hi Bennett! I mean Mistirious Mouthketeer :) I don't believe they actually serve figs as a main dish, it's possible it may be used as an ingredient. I love the new interface of your blog! Keep up the great work little guy

  3. Hi Sumaira! I wanna go next week!


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