Hi-Rise Bread Company, Huron Village (Cambridge)

Man oh man, what a summer it's been so far! I have been so busy wining, dining, and partying that I've neglected my blog! 

Last weekend, I had a delightful lunch at the ever so European-like Hi-Rise Bread Company. You walk in and automatically feel like you're in France. 

The atmosphere of this place is so happening with all of the cooking, baking, eating, chitter chatter. The menu items are fantastic and creative (though a little overpriced). The employees and clients all have pretty similar qualities - eclectic, kitsch, and perhaps a little "hoity-toity"... not a bad thing, just an observation! I love the layout of the cafe with its open bakery/kitchen. As a patron, you can watch all the magic that the cooks are preparing for you.

However, there is one thing I found very odd - you are constantly reminded to refrain from using your phone. There are signs at every corner telling you not to use your phone. In an age where technology runs our lives, especially smart phones, demanding no cell-phone usage is a bit ballsy! 

In any case, I really like this place for its unique ambiance in Boston. Check this place out for it's delicious, high quality menu.

PS. The atmosphere of Hi-Rise reminded me of this...


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