Towne, Prudential Center

Last night, my friends and I went to Towne - the new hotspot in town ;) Towne is located on Boylston Street adjacent to the Hynes Convention Center and across from Whiskeys.

I find Towne to be a lot like Sonsie. A very classy bunch of people, great drinks, fabulous atmosphere. Here you will find the successful, determined, ambitious, and great spirited people of Boston. You will also notice that there is an abundant supply of salt and peppers on the prowl who will offer to buy young ladies drinks just to get a "hello" out of them.

The evening in general was a wonderful time. There are a few key things/people/events that really made my night.

1. We watched a belligerent duo awkwardly have their first kiss. Evidence below... (they went at it for like a good 15 minutes with no care in the world)

2. Soulful Big Mike - the most soulful bartender I have met. I'm a chubby chaser so he was a sight for sore eyes for sure!

3. Quote of the evening - "Why are there so many old guys in turtlenecks?" My friend almost spit up her drink.

In conclusion, Towne is definitely in my top 5 favorite places to go in Boston. I always meet nice people and bump into random acquaintances. I did observe something very interesting though, I am almost always one of the only ethnic people there. Hmm, I wonder. Until next time, Ciao Boston! xoxo

Theme Song: Transatlantic by Quantic


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