Sonsie, Newbury Street

I said this the first time I went to Sonsie early 2009 and will say it again... Sonsie is hands down, my favorite place to go in Boston. I have never had a bad or even mediocre night here. Every time I come here, I meet the most interesting, eligible, and intelligent bachelors (sometimes bachelorettes). I actually met one of my exes here. He was a good guy... while it lasted ;)

The bartenders at Sonsie are nothing but wonderful. Alem, Meki, and Tim [the bartenders] make a conscious effort to ensure that every patron at their bar is having fun and enjoying their time at Sonsie. At Sonsie, you can be sure to come into contact with only the classiest, successful, and determined residents of Boston. Everyone has an interesting story to tell. Tonight, my friend and I met a hilarious plastic surgeon from Greece.

Sonsie offers everything that I look for in a bar/lounge - class, sophistication, and quality. These adjectives can be applied to the atmosphere, people, and drinks. This is my first post about Sonsie, but I can't actually tell you how many times I have been here. It is the one place in Boston that I will probably never get sick of. Interestingly enough, it is here where I met the Bruins and asked Tuukka Rask what sport they play to which he responded, "do you really not know who I am?" "Uh yeah."

If you are looking to meet the best of the best in Boston, Sonsie is the place to be. You are guaranteed to have a great time here. I feel nothing but fabulous when I come here. I highly recommend Sonsie to everyone, especially for their Sunday brunches. XOXO Ciao.

Theme Song: Atelier by Danilo Venturi


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