On an aside...

So, I was watching TV [rare occasion] tonight and flipping through the channels until I came across something worth watching. I tuned in to E! where Bridalplasty was airing.

First of all, what a stupid concept for a reality show. Actually, after watching 2 episodes, I still don't really understand the concept. Conniving, manipulative brides-to-be live in a house, bitch at each other, and get eliminated until one chick is left who is then granted any plastic surgical procedure[s] she wishes to have plus a dream wedding? WTF!?

Second of all, why are all of the chicks obese? Just an observation...

Lastly, if you're marrying someone, they obviously love you for you. Why would you go mess with your face and body right before your wedding?

The show wasn't even entertaining and pretty much a waste of my time. No wonder why they call televisions idiot boxes. Shana Moakler, don't you have anything better to do? Oh wait no, you're too busy trying to decide whether or not you want to stay married to Travis Barker.


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