On an aside...

If you know me, you know that seldom do I watch the idiot box aka television. However, yesterday, my roommate got me hooked onto this ridiculous show called Storage Wars...

Basically, a bunch of white trash folks, who own thrift stores in California, go around to storage units and bid on lockers. The owners of these lockers have not paid their rent, hence their units and belongings are all auctioned off. Bidders get five minutes to scan items in the lockers from afar and base their decisions on whether to bid or not based on what they see.

Ok, at first, I was like - this is RETARDED! BUT... as you keep watching, you become addicted. It is absolutely fascinating to see how much profit these people make off of other peoples' junk. It is also hysterical watching these old "whiskey tangos" get orgasms when the lockers are revealed and they see things they like.

Never did I ever think I would enjoy a show as ludicrous as Storage Wars, but seeing is believing - it is very entertaining and interesting. In addition to the Jersey Shore, this is my second guilty pleasure.


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