Royale, Theatre District

After leaving Dillon's, I went to a place that can be considered the polar opposite - Royale. Royale is a club located in the Theatre District. It is absolutely HUGE! It is like a five minute walk to actually get into the club once you walk through the doors.

I arrived around 11:45 and the lines were outrageous. Thank God my friend's friend had a guest list otherwise I probably would have gotten right back into the cab and gone home. But once I was in I was happy :)

Just like every other time I have been to Royale, I was stunned by the flying, pretty much naked entertainers in the air, the hula-hoopers, and cage dancers. Not stunned in an "OMG THAT IS SO COOL!' kind of way, but stunned like "what would provoke a woman to be on display like that?" I also couldn't help but notice how guido/guidette infested it was last night! Whiskey tangos left and right. I actually felt like I was on The Jersey Shore. Tatted-up, sloppy men and women in the tackiest, sluttiest ensembles. In fact, these peoples wardrobes and dance moves put Snooki and Mike the Situation to shame. There was also this giant dancing pig on stage that was sketching me out. I have no idea what that was all about...

Anyway, my friends and I were having a blast dancing with each other. Of course I happened to be standing in front of a fight and had no clue what was going on behind me. One second I was dancing and the next I was thrown into a wall because of stupid dudes who couldn't control their tempers while intoxicated. Basically after that, everyone in our little section was wearing their drinks. I'll have you know, my ass is bruised and still in pain from those juiceheads.

We all recovered after 2 minutes of bitching and got right back into our dancing moods. [But of course, I met a guy who looked EXACTLY like my ex which kind of put me back into a pissy mood. The resemblance was so uncanny it was freaking me out.]

As we were all about to leave, another fight broke out and somehow one of my friends got involved. This d-bag of a guy actually threatened to hit my female friend. Who does that? Clearly guys who go to Royale.

In general, I did have fun because I was with my friends and the music was awesome. However, I am all set with Royale, at least in 2011. It's something I can probably only do once a year. I don't know how people party here like every weekend. Maybe I am just a grandma. Royale itself is absolutely beautiful, humongous, and the music is always amazing. I think Royale is the perfect venue for a concert but for clubbing, I am perfectly satisfied with places like Mantra and Venu. Nevertheless, I do recommend Royale if you're looking to have a trashtastic, true fist-pumping time. XOXO

Theme Song: Bromance by Tim Berg [Aviciis Arena Mix]


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