Woodward @ Ames Hotel, Government Center

Last stop, was Woodward at the Ames Hotel. Woodward never disappoints me. It actually happens to be one of my favorite bars downtown.

Woodward exudes sophistication and class. There is nothing in that bar that I would change. Although it wasn't that crowded last night, it was still such a pleasant experience as always. Finally, my friends and I found the perfect place for a girl's night out.

The minute you walk into the lobby, you are welcomed by a colossal, innovative, sparkly chandelier. (I know it's just a chandelier but I'm a nerd and really appreciate that kind of stuff.) The 2-floored bar offers ample space to socialize, whether you are sitting or standing. The fireplaces, earthy-toned walls, and innovative wooden furniture make you feel like you're at home.

Woodward is located amidst the city's high rises and is T-accessible. If you get tired of the slow-paced, relaxed atmosphere of the bar, you can walk down a few blocks and head to your favorite dive bars in Faneuil Hall or you can take a 5 minute cab ride westward and sip on expensive cocktails with the city's snobbiest at the Liberty Hotel.

The drinks were fabulous. The food was delicious. But, best of all, the women's washroom is unreal. It is a narcissistic woman's treat! You feel like you're on a runway with a catwalk-ish hallway and mirrors at every angle. Sounds pathetic to be excited about, but you know you ladies love to check yourselves out with your distinct mirror face on when you're out on the town.

In conclusion, I am glad my friends and I ended our night here; it really made me forget about how frustrated I was with the other two places earlier in the evening. If you're in the mood to go to an upscale bar that is perfect for networking and socializing, Woodward is the place for you!

Theme song: I Like The Way You Move by Kaskade


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