Market Lounge @ The W, Theatre District

Twice a year, 40-60 "brothers" from Los Angeles grace the city of Boston with their presences. Who are these mysterious men? None other than the Free Masons. It is always a blast partying it up with these fun loving people and this weekend was no different.

Our first stop was Market Lounge at the W Hotel located at 100 Stuart Street. After waiting about 25 minutes, my friends and I were finally able to join the rest of the Free Masoners who had already arrived there long before us. Imagine walking into a lounge and seeing about 40 bald Persian guys all dressed in black and uproariously conversing in Farsi. It was surely a sight to see, especially for those who had no idea who these guys were.

I always love coming to this place because it is one of the classiest lounges in Boston. There is definitely no tolerance for trash in here! I also love that I never feel awkward for being dolled up. I think it's really interesting how the lounge is basically the lobby, although I don't know how that goes down for hotel residences who are not really into nightlife. Oh well, sucks for them I guess. The music was louder than usual which was great. Drinks were delicious as usual. We were in great company. The fireplace was quite convenient although my ass was on fire (almost literally!) because I was sitting right in front of it for about 20 minutes upon arrival to try to recover from the cold.

All in all, this is a really fun place to go to if you're looking to get dressed up and lounge with the city's young, hot, and successful. I only have one complaint about Market and this is an issue I run into here all the time: there is always such a long wait but when you go inside, the place isn't even 75% full (I imagine this is some kind of marketing strategy but it pisses me off!) If it weren't for the Free Masoners, the place would have been practically empty. Although I have fun here most of the time, I wonder, is it worth standing outside in the freezing cold for 30 minutes for a 1/2 empty bar?

Theme Song: Sex Elevator Music - Thievery Corporation


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