Tamarind Bay, Washington Square

On Tuesday night, I was really craving Indian food. So, I headed over to Washington Square to check out a spot I have been interested in testing for a long time now - Tamarind Bay. Tamarind Bay boasts of servicing coastal Indian food which heightened my interest that much more. Coastal Indian - I'm thinking tons of fish dishes and Goan-ish food.

NOPE! It's typical Indian food that can be found in any Indian restaurant in Boston. Don't get me wrong, the food was FANTASTICHE but I was really hoping Tamarind Bay was going to offer something different.

In any case, I devoured saag paneer, bhindi, and pulao. OMG just saying these things makes my mouth water. SO delicious and I love the seating arrangements.

Though I didn't get my coastal Indian food, I do highly recommend Tamarind Bay. They are situated in a great, happening location and serve awesome food.


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