Forum, Back Bay

Yesterday afternoon, I needed a break from shopping at Lord & Taylor's huge sale, so I went to Forum on Boylston Street in the Back Bay. 

Forum is what used to VOX. It's fairly new - they just celebrated their 1st anniversary. There are so many popular restaurants surrounding Forum (Atlantic Fish Co, Abe & Louie's, L'Espalier, Sel de la Terre, Towne etc) so one would think that it'd be really hard to stand out. But, not so much. Forum effortlessly manages to attract patrons and serve them their delicious foods in their beautifully decorated restaurant. 

The venue itself is very spacious and grand. Vox used to be very dark and intimate but Forum is now huge, well lit, and very NYC-ish. I had tuna tartare and fish tacos for lunch. They were SO good and SO reasonably priced! I was actually shocked as to how reasonable the pricing on the menu was. 

Not much more to say because I was so pleased with the entire experience. Great location, excellent service, and delicious food. If you happen to be in the area and want to nom nom on fish tacos - go to Forum! 

PS. I'd be interested to know if Forum turns into a lounge or something on weekend evenings. With its sexy and open atmosphere, I bet it would be a great mingling place for single cats! ;) What a visual treat - what an improvement from VOX!


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