Brocades Boutique, Washington Square

FINALLY the gods have heard me! There is an Indian boutique in Brookline... VICTORY!

Brocades Boutique is located in Washington Square of Brookline. This is HUGE because up until now, the only Indian-wear store was all the way in Somerville which is pretty inconvenient for city people without cars like myself.  

I visited Brocades on my way home from the gym on Tuesday. It is owned by a lovely lady from Mumbai named Shikha and her adorable pup Mr. Buttons. Brocades carries an array of ensembles. Her collections include everything from casual tunics from Pakistan all the way to Bollywood-style bridal wear. 

(Shikha - store owner of Brocades Boutique)

I can't tell you all exactly how elated I am that something of this nature has arrived to our hood here in Brookline LOL. Though it's only been open for a few months, there is no doubt in my mind that Brocades is going to maintain success and is here to stay - there is literally NO other store like this here. 

Thank you thank you thank you Brocades for saving me a boring T-ride to Somerville for every time I need an outfit for a wedding!

Visit for more information!


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