Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage, Harvard Square

One of my girlfriend's had been raving about Mr. Bartley's burger joint since she was born. We decided to finally go and check out this supposedly phenomenal place in Harvard Square.

We arrive there, and shocking, I have to use the ladies' room. As the hostess was seating us outside, I kindly asked her where the restroom was located. She responded by saying they didn't have one and that I would have to walk two blocks down the street to use one at Panera Bread. Her exact quote after noticing my puzzled expression was, "we're grandfathered therefore we don't have a bathroom." Okay, cool. GREAT customer service. You have a full-service restaurant with tons of people inside and outside and no bathroom. WTF?

In any case, as annoyed as I was, I decided to go to Panera to use the loo. She promptly told us that if I was going to use the restroom, she wouldn't be able to seat us until the full party was present. My friend argued that the hostess knew I was there and was coming right back, so what's the big deal? Maybe if they had their own restroom, I wouldn't have to do that but now you won't seat us? That's LUDICROUS! Of course my feisty friend demanded to speak to the manager while I had to go take care of my own business.

When I came back to the restaurant, my friend informed me that they accepted cash only. Which place in 2012 DOESN'T accept credut cards. How much more stupid can this place get?

Out of sheer frustration with the stupidity of this restaurant, we decided to leave. This is the first time I am posting about a place that I didn't eat/drink at.

AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL customer service! If you are in the mood to get royally pissed off, please go to Mr. Bartley's... otherwise, STAY FAR AWAY!


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