Sorellina, Back Bay

Hier soir, I took my 3 bosses to Sorellina located in the Back Bay for a bittersweet dinner.

From the time I moved to Boston up until now, I have always wanted to go to Sorellina but was saving it for a really special occasion. I thought a farewell dinner with 3 special people was the appropriate occasion.

There are so many wonderful things about Sorellina.
1. The location is obviously amazing. The restaurant is located in the heart of my favorite neighborhood.
2. The atmosphere is breathtaking. From the minute you enter the colossal venue, you feel like you're in restaurant heaven. The decor, dimmed lighting, exceptional guest services and especially interesting black and white backdrop all combined create an enchanting ambience.
3. Food is PHENOMENAL! Everything from the bread to the Kobe Meatballs to our secondi dishes (I ordered scallops... YUM!) was so flavourful and mouthwatering!
4. The soundtrack playing included my favorite artists - Thievery Corporation, Stephane Poumpougnac, Telepopmusic, Bitter:Sweet etc.

I have to say, on the whole I am so pleased with my decision to come here with my bosses. I was so elated that I got the table I had requested (only the best table in the house) even though my party did not have enough people for the seating requirements.

The only downfall about Sorellina which isn't really the restaurant's fault but more so consumer demands... the televisions airing sports events. WHY PEOPLE? WHY? Why must you ruin an almost magical experience but blasting sports games? Anyway, just a minor detail.

I am in absolute awe of Sorellina and really recommend this restaurant for premium quality food, service and location. It is a little pricey but you are getting exactly what you pay for! Ciao bellas!

Theme Song: Union Square by Stephane Pompougnac


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