La Voile, Newbury Street

A few nights ago, I went to a restaurant I had been very curious to learn about for a long time, but never made the effort to check out. This particular restaurant is none other than La Voile.

Every Saturday, during my routine strolls on Newbury Street, La Voile always catches my attention because it legit looks like a restaurant in France - I guess that is the point after all.

So I finally went to La Voile the other night and purposely went in with zero expectations as I really did not know what to expect. I walked into the maze-like entrance and felt as if I was teleported to Cannes, France. Interestingly enough, this La Voile was originally set up in Cannes until the owner decided to pick up and bring his entire team to Newbury Street. Cannes hold a special place in my heart because I follow the film festival every year and hope to attend one time in my life lol...

The food was amazing! With the exception of Petit Robert Bistro which is so-so, I have never really eaten proper French cuisine. But boy oh boy was it something else! Every dish appeared so tiny but was so filling and full of flavour!

I was fascinated by the prominence of French culture. Every server had an accent (lol), all the patrons were downing glasses of wine, enjoying French delicacies, laughing and having such a relaxed time. I truly felt like I was in France. The music was simply icing on the cake. Talk about creating a unique environment and experience on Newbury Street! I haven't left a restaurant feeling so content with everything in a long time!

In all, I had a lovely dining experience here and recommend La Voile to everyone interested in French cuisine or simply a good time. Makes me want to visit France again. Sigh. A tout a l'heure mes amis!

Theme Song: La Valse D'Amelie from the Amelie Soundtrack


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