Farewell Boston...

I was a wide-eyed 18 year old when I first moved to Boston. I hadn't experienced much. May have had one or two glasses of wine. Never fell in love. Only had a high school diploma to my name.

Today, I am leaving as an educated, smarter, more experienced woman ready to take on the world. It is here where I got drunk for the first time. Made life-long friendships. Lost friendships. Fell in love. Experienced heartbreak. Learned about the real world.

Boston will always be my first love no matter how amazing New York City is. (Trust me, I am a dedicated lover. ;))

Thank you Boston for teaching me the 3 most important things in life - living, loving, and learning. I love you and will miss you indescribably.

To lighten the mood, I have added some pictures from some unforgettable nights I had in Boston. Enjoy!...

Boston's Theme Song: Move For Me by Kaskade & Deadmau5


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