Eastern Standard, Kenmore Square

Sorry for these mini hiatuses - have been so occupied gearing up for my move to the Big Apple!

Two nights ago, I went to Eastern Standard, located in Kenmore Square, with two of my favorite boys. I have only come here for drinks in the past, therefore, I was really looking forward to eating dinner there.

As always, the place was packed! Bostonians were enjoying some mid-week fun and deliciousness. Love how most of the men are suited up - YUM!

I will keep this post short as there is not much to bitch about. The food was lovely, drinks were good, environment was energetic as per usual, and our server was so incredibly kind. Eastern Standard & Island Creek Oyster Bar have the same owners therefore I couldn't expect anything less than exceptional customer service.

I have always recommended Eastern Standard and now that I have enjoyed the food, I recommend it even more. I am simply in love with the decor and ambience of this restaurant. For some reason, I feel like I am in the 20's... Ciao!

Theme Song: Aphrodite's Dream by Nicola Conte


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