Mumbai Chopstix, Newbury Street

Saturday afternoon, my friend Fart, yes his name is actually Fart, and I were starving for some delicious oriental food. We walked past Mumbai Chopstix on Newbury Street which claims to serve Indo-Chinese food. So we thought, why not! Let's try it out. Plus, they had a lunch buffet for only eleven bucks.

Firstly, the restaurant/hotel is under construction so that was a little bit distracting to my dining experience. Secondly, the food looked extremely appetizing. Zucchini in oyster sauce, bhel puri, sesame chicken, garlic sauteed broccoli and more! YUM! I thought...

So we sat down, excited to try this "Indo-Chinese" meal. DISAPPOINTMENT. All I ate was take-out Chinese food. We were so disappointed. Qwan's on Commonwealth Avenue in Allston serves better tasting food than this and that's not really saying much.

Sorry to say Mumbai Chopstix but you are NOT what I thought you were going to be. Weak. However, the place is nicely decorated.


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