Island Creek Oyster Bar, Kenmore Square

This evening apres work, I went to Island Creek Oyster Bar with some chickas. For a Monday night, this place was pretty hoppin! I have been meaning to check this little spot out for the longest time and finally made my way there tonight. First of all, let me correct myself because this place is not little at all. I was actually in amazement from the minute I walked in.

The interior design of I.C.O.B blew me away. The colors, embellishments, furniture - ah, so much character. Excuse my nerdiness but this oyster bar manages to maintain class and sophistication in its decor while also staying very close to its roots - oysters and fishing. You'll know what I mean when you go there or if you have already been.

As far as the service is concerned, we were greeted by an adorable hostess who was nothing but sweet however, the same cannot be said about our waiter. I understand they needed everyone to be out of the restaurant by 7 p.m. for an event but damn homie, take a chill pill, we knew we had to go LOL. He also forgot my girlfriend's wine but redeemed himself by not charging her for it. Good save buddy!

I was exhausted from work so maybe I wasn't in the greatest mood ever but I would definitely like to come back here, preferably not on a game night, more dressed up and maybe I will actually indulge in some oysters! Seems like a great after work place to get drinks and socialize with yuppies and Rico Suaves. P.S., an insider source tells me Friday nights @ I.C.O.B is a great place to find some sugar daddies... SAY WHAT? lol. Ciao and wishing everyone a good week at work.

Theme song: The Mating Game (Yves King Remix) by Bitter:Sweet


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