Shanghai Gate, Allston

On this lovely Saturday afternoon, I treated myself to lunch at Shanghai Gate located in Allston. Shanghai Gate serves Chinese food but very different from your conventional American Chinese food. Seems more authentic to be honest. 

The food was phenomenal! I ordered scallion pancake for my app and rice cakes topped with stir fried shrimp - sounds interesting doesn't it? I asked for spicy and boy did they give me spice. An hour later, my tongue is still burning. Considering I am brown and live for spicy food, this definitely says something. These people are not joking around when it comes to spicy food. 

I love the decor of this restaurant. There are bright colors everywhere and the walls are adorned with Chinese paintings and calligraphy. It's definitely a cute, cozy spot. 

HOWEVER... the service is TERRIBLE! These people are SO RUDE! I've encountered rude waiters and waitresses before but these people take nasty to another level. I left flabbergasted by how they treated their customers. Though the food was really good, sadly I will never be returning here because of this. Oye, what are ya gonna do?

Anyway, I hope you all have crazy Cinco de Mayo plans. So happy it's finally May! Ciao bellas. XOXO

(Spicy shrimp stir fry with rice cakes)


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