I Shellac NEVER Again

Shellac - the newest phenomenon in the nail world and the worst thing I could have done to my nails since acrylic tips in high school. About a fortnight ago, one of my friends convinced me to get Shellac. I was excited because I had heard great things about this revelation in manicures but little did I know what it was going to do to my nails...

Sure the ads say Shellac polish lasts 14 days, remains luminous, requires zero dry time - but no nail damage? That is an outright LIE! My nails haven't been this thin in years! While removing Shellac, a whole layer of my nail came off! UGH... I was all about it because the ads all say there is no nail damage. 

If you care about the health and thickness of your nails, DO NOT get Shellac. It's going to take weeks for my poor nails to recover. :( But if you don't give a hoo ha, then get Shellac because it does last a long time with a shiny finish. At least now I won't keep wondering if I'd like this or not... Ciao bellas


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