Sorelle Bakery & Cafe, Seaport

Shortly after lunch @ Trade, I ventured over next door to Sorelle Bakery & Cafe. Normally, I don't blog about places where I buy coffee or dessert, but Sorelle is worth noting. Also located in the Seaport District, Sorelle is a cafe dressed in upscale attire with a not so upscale price point! The architecture and design of the place is so NYC. (I know I didn't enjoy living there, but I can definitely appreciate the interior design of restaurants and lounges of NYC)

The cafe offered so many delicious sweets that made my mouth water! I got a mini fruit tart to go... it was so SCRUMPTIOUS. Thinking about it right now, hours after having devoured it, I am still craving some. Sorelle had so many options of goodies... I am jealous of anyone who works nearby. If you are in the Seaport/Financial District area and want a cool, trendy place other than Starbucks to get your coffee and pastries, I highly recommend Sorelle!


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