On an aside... Kaskade's Fire & Ice

I feel like loving Kaskade is like a Boston thing. None of my friends in Jersey or NYC really listen to Kaskade but in Boston, WE LOVE HIM!

This past weekend, one of my best friends gifted me with his newest and highly anticipated album - Fire & Ice. The album has gotten mixed reviews but here is mine in a nutshell...AMAZING! I can't stop listening to it! So many great artists have collaborated on the album such as Late Night Alumni, Marcus Bentley, Dada Life, Skrillex and more. I love how there are club mixes (fire versions) and classic Kaskade chilled out versions of the same songs (ice mixes) I am sure that I'll be hearing a few of the tracks in the upcoming winter season at Bijou, W, Estate et al.

If you are an avid Kaskade-r like myself, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend the album! It is so worth the $18 or whatever they charge for cds nowadays. My favorite track is How Long (Kaskade's Ice Mix) - makes me feel ultra sexy... Have a listen at some of the amazing tracks on Kaskade's Fire & Ice... ciao ;)

PS. Til date, one of my most memorable nights out in Boston was April 30, 2010 @ Royale when my friends and I were standing 2 feet behind Kaskade's DJ booth while he played his most famous tracks... sigh :)


  1. That was one of my most memorable nights as well...big sigh :(

  2. While I like Kaskade i myself am more of a deadmau5 fan... Signed, Bennett Rapz


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