Re-converting To A Bostonian

It's my last night living in NYC and I can't help but be so excited to go back to my city and the lifestyle that I left behind and loved so much.

Although it was very short-lived, living in New York City has taught me a few things...
1. I really am the converted Bostonian
2. The fast pace in NYC is too fast for me
3. Just because NYC is supposedly the best city in the world doesn't mean that everyone is going to love it
4. Bostonians really take for granted how clean the T is
5. Sushi is better and cheaper in NYC
6. The sense of community is so monumental... hence why I love Boston so much

NYC was fun but it's not something I want to live in everyday. I am excited to visit NYC though as I am now more familiar with things and places than I was before. However, I can't wait to go home tomorrow. See all of you Bostonians on the flip side! Farewell New York... ciao!


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