Golden Temple, Washington Square

So it's been a very busy but hectic week since I have come back, but at the end of the day, all that matters is I'M BACK IN BOSTON BABY! Haven't written in a while as I have been so busy pretending to be Martha Stewart and furnishing, decorating, and embellishing my room to perfection. However, Thursday night, I took a break for dinner and went to Golden Temple with one of my good friends.

Golden Temple is an upscale Chinese restaurant located in Washington Square. I have passed this place a million times but never had the urge to go in but my friend and I were really craving Chinese food so Golden Temple it was!

The restaurant is actually very beautiful. The ceilings are interesting. Everything was very pretty. Maybe I can convince my boss to have our annual holiday party here! The food was good - nothing exceptional or innovative but it was good. Wasn't doused in MSG like other Chinese restaurants in the area. It definitely hit the spot. Surprisingly, it was not as expensive as I expected it to be.

I don't have much more to say. Overall, Golden Temple is a solid Chinese restaurant - definitely a good place to have in my neighborhood when I don't feel like cooking. If you're in the mood for non-guilty Chinese food in the Brookline area, I recommend Golden Temple.


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