Deux Ave Part Deux, Back Bay

So, I've been in Boston since Tuesday night hunting for an apartment so I can be once again reunited with the love of my life. And boy oh boy has it been an unpleasant visit so far in terms of finding a place. Hence, I was in absolute need of a drink and delicious food to relieve my stress. What better place than the beautiful Deux Ave in Back Bay I thought.

I have to say that Deux Ave is one of my favorite restaurants in Boston. The ambience as I have mentioned in my initial post about Deux Ave is impeccable and definitely one of the most beautiful of the restaurants in Boston in my opinion. Every time I come here, I always find myself in awe of the decor. It is just so classy, sophisticated, and pretty.

I wouldn't say that I am too much of a foodie. Like I obviously love to eat but I am not very experimental with my food. You know when you watch shows like Top Chef or that Gordon Ramsey one and the contestants come up with these crazy dishes with all different flavours, using vegetables you've never even heard of and you can't help but wonder, "how the hell is that going to taste?" Of course, that's how I feel whenever I go to these fancy restaurants because the names and descriptions of the dishes are intimidating. BUT, Christopher Coombs, co-owner & executive chef of Deux Ave, clearly knows what he's cooking. Every week, he comes up with a brilliant menu of mouthwatering dishes. He is truly a talented artist in his craft. I ordered a dish that consisted of so many different flavours with fear of how it was all going to come together. Oh it came together alright. I finished my food in a good 5 minutes! Oops..

The other element that always impresses me at Deux Ave is that every member of the staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the intricacies and history of each dish. I was listening closely to one of the staff members who was educating the table adjacent to mine about the origin of the sword fish that Deux Ave includes in their menu. Really fascinating to see staff so passionate about their jobs.

Anyway, I obviously had a fabulous experience here as always. If you've not been to Deux Ave already you must go. And if you have already been, you must go again. I would rank it in my top 5 favorites in Boston for sure. Ciao bellas. xoxo...


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