La Fonda Del Sol, MetLife Building

Last night, two old friends and I went to La Fonda Del Sol for some drinks and QT. I would like to preface my post by saying that the Grand Central area has become one of my favorite areas in New York City. There is just always so much going on like Obama riding around in his limo - NBD. And everyone is dressed in their best work attire. Not too shabby of a sight for a single lady in the big apple.

La Fonda Del Sol is a Tapas restaurant located at the ground level of the MetLife building along with other great places to wine and dine. Interestingly enough, we discovered La Fonda as we were en route to Sephora - My klutzy friend and her phone went flying in front of this restaurant. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed with so many colors and really loud latin music - I was hoping that Antonio Banderas would magically hop out from behind the curtains and start salsa dancing with me LOL. Ah, I can only dream.

My friends and I sat outside where we enjoyed drinks and some strange tasting and shaped bread with olives inside - yuck, I hate olives. Our server was a rather outgoing young fellow who may have had a crush on each one of us haha. I really have only good things to say about this place. Great location + beautiful atmosphere & decor + sexy passer by-ers on Park Ave = lovely time. Of course, being in the presence with 2 of my favorite girls from elementary school was a plus ;)

P.S. Going to have to hit up Cipriani one of these days. Seems as though that's where all the silver foxes + Pierce Brosnan look-alikes are! Ciao for now! xoxo..

Theme Song: Que Bonito by Cafe Del Mar


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