Alfangi Salon on Lexington

This afternoon, I went to Alfangi Salon on Lexington for multiple aesthetic services.

I learned about this salon when I was strolling on 7th ave one day a few weeks ago and this solicitor grabbed my attention with her question, "how much do you care about your hair?" lol. I bought an AMAZING promotion for many different services at this salon for basically nothing! Included in my package were: a shiatzu massage, eyebrow threading, manicure, deep shampoo and conditioning, haircut, blowdry, and highlights.

Today, I got my massage, eyebrows threaded, highlights, and trim. I started with the massage with Carlos. OMG, when I say this was the best massage I have ever gotten, I absolutely mean it. Carlos was so amazing - he practically put me to bed! What a great way to spend my afternoon. Then Mara, the cute little chick from Tajikistan, did an impeccable job on my eyebrows! After some time, Carlos, the masseuse, also turned out to be a hairdresser. He gave me cute highlights and a great haircut. (PS: He used AG and Moroccan Oil products - I LOVE MOROCCAN OIL)

Not only did I get an amazing deal at this salon but the service is really great. Everyone is so pleasant. The salon is breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL! Not to mention huge. From what I understand, they have another location on 5th ave which I will definitely have to check out as well. I still have more services left in my package so I will definitely be back. What a positive experience! XOXO.


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