Parish Cafe, Boylston Street

Good morning and happy Sunday. I have no idea why I am up this early blogging considering I didn't go to bed until 3:30am - I am probably still inebriated. If there are any typos or something doesn't make sense grammatically, you know why :)

Yesterday, on one of the most beautiful days that Boston has experienced so far this summer, my friends and I went to have lunch at Parish Cafe on 361 Boylston Street near the Boston Commons. How do I sum this experience up in one equation?

Great summer seating arrangements + delicious food + good crowd + RUDE WAITRESSES =
an ehh experience @ Parish Cafe

It's really amazing how what starts out to be a positive experience can easily be turned sour with unhelpful, rude, and miserable customer service. Perhaps she was stressed out or was just not having a good day, but don't show that to your customers. I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted to order from the menu and she probably came over 5 times and asked me if I knew what I wanted already without offering any help or suggesting anything to speed up the process. We couldn't get a smile out of her anything.

Other than that however, the food was tasty. I also loved how crowded it was both inside and outside. I do suggest this place for outdoor dining in the summertime. Hopefully you won't get stuck with an impatient server. That is all for now... ciao bellas!


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