Dating Circa 2011

So, I will be completely honest and come out in the open. For experimental purposes, my girlfriend and I put ourselves on (you know, the one that was in Britney Spears' music video?) to see if this online dating stuff actually works. PS I could only handle one week of it before I deleted my account.

During my short time on the site however, I did manage to find one guy up my alley out of the 250,000 something guidos. He asked me out on a date so I thought, "ok? Why not?"

Hence, last night I went to Bar Lola with this young gentleman who happened to be 10 times more handsome in real life although his photos clearly impressed me too. Let's call him Ed because I LOVE Ed Helms. Ed just moved to the US from a land very, very far away where English was not a required language to be learned. Needless to say, my date's English was a little rough around the edges.

Thanks to the iPhone however, my date and I had an enjoyable date. My date and I communicated via iTranslator on the iPhone and managed to say everything we wanted to! After I came home, I couldn't help but realize that technology in today's day and age can really make anything possible. Never did I think that I would go on a date and the only form of talking would be iTranslator.

Anyway, just thought I would share my tidbits on my experience with online dating and in-person iPhone communication. XOXO!


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