Blossoming in the Big Apple

At the end of this summer, I will be moving to New York City. The decision was a very difficult one to come to, but I truly believe it will be good for me.

I love Boston - it is my first love. It will be hard to leave considering Boston has been the best boyfriend I've had so far. Boston showered me with love, happiness, an education and an amazing social life. My reasons for moving to the Big Apple are personal and completely irrelevant of how amazing of a city Beantown is.

As my move is slowly creeping up on me, I have realized that I still have so many more places to check out before I leave! Hopefully I get to bless them with my presence in the upcoming weeks. Have a looksie!

Guilt . Sorellina . Deux Ave . Sibling Rivalry
The Machine . Venu . Haru . Om Lounge
28 Degrees . Paparazzi . Clio . 95 Mass Ave
Mantra . Felt . Rattlesnake . Top of the Hub
The Living Room . Red Sky . Fritz . Underbar & more!

P.S. New York City has no idea what's about to hit them...Now I don't have to live vicariously through Carrie Bradshaw anymore! ;)


  1. I just discovered this blog and started reading it. Some of the places you listed on your list of places to check out before your move should be replaced by the following:

    1) Rialto (Cambridge)
    2) Oleana (Cambridge)
    3) East Coast Grill (Cambridge)
    4) Scampo (Liberty Hotel)
    5) Toro (South End)
    6) Hamersley Bistro (South End)
    7) B&G Oysters (South End)
    8) Franklin Cafe (South End)
    9) The Gallows (South End)
    10) Myers & Chang (South End)
    11) Orinoco (South End)
    12) Dante (Cambridge)
    13) Da Vinci (South End)
    14) Marliave (Downtown)
    15) Bristol Lounge (Back Bay - have high tea there)

    You may have gone to some or all of these but these are almost all better than most of the ones you listed with the exception of Clio. Google some of these and you will see why they are on my list.

    Good luck in NY.

  2. Oh, a few more:

    1) Neptune Oyster (North End)
    2) Marco (North End)
    3) Pigalle (Bay Village)
    4) East by Northeast (Cambridge)
    5) Hungry Mother (Cambridge)
    6) Tupelo (Cambridge)


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