Khayyam Restaurant. Brookline

Even though the thought of a Persian sickens me (if you know me, you know why), I have to admit, the food is pretty damn good.

For dinner tonight, I ordered take out from a Persian restaurant called Khayyam on Harvard Ave. I ordered lamb kebabs with rice. Ugh it was so good I ate the whole thing and the portion was HUGE! I'm telling you, these Persians bring out the worst in me LOL.

Anyway, this place has a belly dancer on Thursday and Friday nights. I am curious to see what it is like. Now that I have a serious case of the itis, I can't type anymore. If you want good Persian food and want to fall into a food coma shortly after, eat at Khayyam. Time for a nap...

Theme Song: Some random Persian song I LOVE! Have a listen...


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